Parkside Avenue – refer to it as Wimbledon Village House

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The clients purchased this property based on its stunning location close to the heart of Wimbledon Village. The house itself is an early 90’s developer model, although this means externally it doesn’t have the character of some of the other heritage properties in the area, the frame and envelope of the property were rock solid. This enabled a complete refurbishment throughout and no wall, floor or ceiling was left untouched.

Hoban Design worked closely with the clients to establish the best internal layouts to provide them with a house that was optimised to how they and their family used it. The biggest change was in the large living, kitchen and dining room. This had originally been divided with a wall partially separating the living space from the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen was in the darkest part of the plan and the wall made the living space even darker still. The client’s passion for cooking and entertaining meant we removed the load bearing wall in its entirety to open the space. We then re-located services and positioned a brand new bespoke kitchen adjacent to the windows.

With the kitchen in its new position, it is now the key feature of the space and allows the clients to enjoy cooking with direct views over the stunning mature garden whilst remaining connected to the dining and living space. A remodelling of the master suite to enable separation between dressing room and bedroom completed the most important requirements of the clients. New bathrooms for the remaining bedrooms with new flooring, lighting, electrics and plumbing system have brought the house up to exceed current standards.

Solar PV panels were also introduced on the roofs, these are coupled with a battery store ensuring no electricity production is wasted. Hoban Design acted as Architect and Interior Designers on the project, with assistance from Marion Lichtig for furniture, loose furnishings and the colour scheme. Quantity surveying and contract administration was carried out by Egan Lucocq and structural engineering by Elite Designers.

The main contractor was Bailey and Jones Ltd.

Kitchen by Brayer Design.

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