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Tailored to Housing Providers

Our extensive experience in the sector brings immense value to housing providers. We have an innate understanding of the unique challenges, opportunities and funding requirements that registered providers face. With the current shortage of housing in the UK, our expertise can help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

“Hoban Design wasn’t burdened with a conventional design mindset, freeing them to buck the status-quo and strive to exceed our initial ambitions.”
-Robin Roberts, Chief Executive of Sutton Housing Society

Unlocking New Homes with Creative Solutions

Hoban Design has a wealth of experience in unlocking new homes and improving existing housing stock, through strategic feasibility testing, development modelling and planning.

  • Rooftop Development:

    One of our core areas of expertise lies in rooftop developments. With urban space becoming increasingly scarce, utilizing rooftops presents a tremendous opportunity for housing associations to maximize their existing assets. We have a proven track record of transforming underutilized rooftops into vibrant communities, creating desirable and sustainable homes that blend seamlessly with the existing built environment. Our designs prioritize efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic appeal while ensuring compliance with building regulations and energy efficiency standards.

  • Extending Existing Blocks:

    Additionally, we excel in large extensions to existing blocks of flats. We understand the complexities involved in expanding existing structures while minimizing disruption to residents. Our team of skilled architects possesses the technical knowledge and creative vision necessary to seamlessly integrate extensions into the existing fabric of the building, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive outcome. We are dedicated to collaborating closely with housing associations and local authorities to navigate the planning process smoothly, securing the necessary permissions within the stipulated timeframe.

  • Resident’s Consultations:

    Moreover, we place great emphasis on resident consultations and community engagement. We understand the importance of involving residents throughout the design and development process, ensuring their concerns are heard and their needs are met. Our approach fosters a sense of ownership and pride among residents, leading to successful and sustainable communities. We have a proven track record of conducting comprehensive consultation exercises, employing various mediums to engage with residents effectively

Track Record

With a proven track record of delivering successful projects, we have helped numerous clients in the sector achieve their goals of creating sustainable, functional, and inspiring communities. We take pride in our ability to unlock new homes, enhance existing housing stock, and contribute to the growth of affordable housing across the country

Sutton Housing Society, securing 72 New Homes

Squared revitalising their community hub

Sanctuary Group, ongoing partnership