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Bringing innovation to your project

HOBAN Design offers comprehensive detailing and tendering services that bring innovation and precision to your project. 

Our expert architects and designers are dedicated to creating meticulous, functional designs that overlook no detail. With our cutting-edge design software and technology, we bring your ideas to life through detailed 3D visualisations, sketches, and drawings. 

By partnering with us for detailing and tendering, you can experience and refine your project’s space even before construction begins.

Detailing and tendering Services

Detailing services: Elevating design precision

Our detailing services focus on elevating the precision and clarity of your project’s design. We dive deep into the intricacies, ensuring every aspect is carefully considered and documented. 

Our team thoroughly develops detailed drawings, plans, and specifications, that can cover architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical elements. With a keen eye for accuracy and functionality, we ensure the construction process progresses smoothly and seamlessly.

Tendering services: Enhancing the procurement process

Our tendering services streamline the procurement process for your project. We prepare comprehensive tender documents that provide a clear and concise overview of the project requirements, including detailed design specifications and scope of work.

By collaborating closely with contractors and suppliers, we facilitate a transparent and efficient bidding process, enabling you to select the right partners for your project.Our expertise in tendering ensures that you receive competitive and accurate pricing, promoting cost-effectiveness and value for your investment.

Innovation meets practicality

At HOBAN Design, we understand the importance of balancing innovation with practicality. Our team excels at finding the perfect intersection between cutting-edge design concepts and the realities of construction and implementation. 

We apply our expertise and attention to detail to ensure that your project’s concept is aesthetically pleasing but also practical, functional, and achievable within your budget and timeline.

Partner with HOBAN Design for detailing and tendering

Ready to elevate your project with professional detailing and tendering services? Contact HOBAN Design today to discuss your specific needs. Our team of skilled architects and designers is here to provide you with accurate and comprehensive documentation, enabling a smooth construction process. 

Fill out the contact form on our website or call our team to get started. We look forward to collaborating with you and ensuring the success of your project through our exceptional detailing and tendering services.

Why choose HOBAN Design for your detailing and tendering needs?

Unparalleled expertise and experience

Collaborative approach

Uncompromising quality and service