Our Service

Good design results from a creative and combined discussion and exploration between you - the client and the architect.

How we work

Hoban Design is dedicated to taking all of the hassle out of your hands to realise your dream project. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the process is thoroughly enjoyable and engaging across all stages of your project.


Good design results from a creative and combined discussion and exploration between you - the client and the architect. It is best practice to establish your design brief at an early stage, to broadly define your vision and your expectations for the project.

The Client's Brief

This can be an exciting but sometimes daunting prospect for clients who may not have a clear direction in their minds. At Hoban Design, we
take great care at the concept stage to help you define your design brief. We can drive a comprehensive design proposal or we can explore your ideas and flesh these out into the best possible realisation of your vision.

Design Team

Depending on the nature of the project, there
may sometimes be an unfortunate number of consultants needed: drainage, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, basement specialists, quantity surveyors, landscape designers, interior designers, party wall surveyors, building control surveyors, energy assessors, arboriculturalists etc. We will ensure only the necessary consultants are required and engaged on your behalf.

Statutory Regulations

Almost all potential works will have Planning or Building Regulations implications. With over 20 years of experience in dealing with local authorities, Hoban Design will carefully navigate you through all the statutory requirements to help ensure the preferred design is accepted and
approved. This can be a simple non-contentious rebuild, or a highly sensitive new design which may upset some neighbours.

Detailed Design

The success of design is often in how the component parts are seamlessly integrated. Hoban Design take particular pride in ensuring the
quality of the detail is impeccable. Whether it is the coordination of the all the lighting, heating and cooling systems, the expert craftsmanship of the fitted joinery or the selection of sumptuous marble slabs, we take great care to consider all aspects of the project.

Construction Team

Once the detailed design, specification and costing is complete, it is imperative to ensure the best building team is assembled for the job. With our depth of experience in working with building contractors on luxury projects, we can assemble the best construction teams appropriate for your project and for the best value, either by tender or by negotiation.

Project Management

We take a very hands-on approach and work
directly with each specialist contractor on board. This takes away delays, complications and often red tape associated in going through main contractors under traditional building contracts. Hoban Design is flexible to arrange a procurement
route that is tailored to your particular needs.


Once on site, our highly driven team continually provide thorough oversight of the works and ensure all issues are dealt with and resolved promptly. This prevents delays and delivers the highest quality of finish.

Move in

Your dream home has now been realised and it’s time to move in. It can often be a big change in someone’s life to start living in a new home and we aim to make sure it is as comfortable and enjoyable a transition as possible. At Hoban Design, we have identified the hassle of this teething process for new occupants and provide a continued support service.


Whether it is to iron out AV issues or to ensure a suitable maintenance plan is in place, Hoban Design is on hand to help. We maintain continued working relationships with all of our installers and ensure they are on hand to fix any bugs, make any changes or simply provide you with all of the necessary assistance.